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Questions about a service or product? Ask and ye shall receive!

Justified Skin Esthetics

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions about

920 Madison Square, SUITE 3

Madison, TN 37115

Please allow up to 24 hours (1-2 business days) for a response. Thank you!


Justified Skin Esthetics Policies

Cancelations must be done within 48 HOURS of your appointment. Canceling outside of this timeframe results in the forfeit of the deposit as well as the 50% of the total of the canceled service.

Cancelation Policy

No-Show Policy

No-shows (not showing up the first 30 minutes to your appointment or at all without notice results in 100% forfeit of the amount of the service booked. Two no-shows result in being blocked from booking. No exceptions.

Chemical Peel/Exfoliation

  • Chemical peels must be discussed and approved by me before booking.

  • First time clients are not eligible for peels/ chemical exfoliation.

  • Specific products/ aftercare MUST be purchased prior to service appointment.

  • Chemical Peel Consultation form is required prior to service


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